Can You Vape without Nicotine?

What makes vaping so popular amonng health conscious people? It comes with the option of enjoying the puffing addiction even without a single trace of nicotine. In fact, the most important aspect of vaping is its ability to completely control the amount of nicotine. If you are a smoker, then the only way to curb down your nicotine intake is smoking less. But, with vaping e juice, you can either just take a little inhale and enjoy big dose of nicotine or vape without any nicotine, and all the things in between.

For some individuals, reducing the nicotine intake is important. But they do not like to compromise with their smoking addiction. Smoking addiction is actually more than just nicotine intake. Veteran vapers need to feel the puff at the time of inhale and they do not seem to feel anything if there is no nicotine. Here comes the bliss of vaping – you breathe the same nicotine flavor that rejuvenates your senses, with a negligible percentage of nicotine.

A major part of smoking is the nicotine. Why vaping appears to work superior to anything pharmaceutical nicotine items to stop cigarettes is that notwithstanding the nicotine, it gives you a decent reenactment of the demonstration of smoking. In case you’re a typical vaper, you breathe in, you breathe out, and you watch the vapor float through the air, then you most likely going to appreciate the impacts of nicotine.

Who are zero nicotine users?

Zero nicotine e juice is mostly used by former smokers who due to health issues have weaned themselves of nic intake but still want to enjoy the sensation of puffing. Some veteran vapers like to perform various vape tricks and participate in vape competitions. They use a zero nicotine e juice, as practicing and performing the various vape tricks with nicotine in the e juice would be extremely difficult and serious to health as well.

Again there are some vapers, who have taken up vaping just to enjoy the flavors of the e juices. These e juices taste great even without nicotine. Some individuals even opt for zero nicotine e juices with dessert and candy flavors to curb their sugar cravings. 

So the nicotine levels dropped with the simple accessibility of cloud-creating gear. That doesn’t mean vapers are getting less nicotine however. In the event that you used to vape 3 mL daily of 18 mg/mL e juice, and now you vape 18 mL of 3 mg/mL e juice, do you think you have decreased your nicotine intake? No, it is the similar amount of nicotine. Next time somebody gloats how they’ve ventured down their nicotine, influence them to figure it out. They may not be right.

However, there are loads of vapers who’ve truly decreased their nicotine intake over the years. Numerous do it deliberately, by gradually venturing down their nicotine levels in their e juice till it achieves zero strength. There are others that lessen their nicotine after some time since they lose enthusiasm for the impacts.