Candy Flavor

Who doesn’t love the sweet and satisfying taste of delightful treat? Vapers from around the globe relish sweet seasoned e-juices, making it a standout amongst the most famous flavor classifications within the industry. With each passing day, the choice of accessible brands and blends broadens, empowering the vape enthusiasts to attempt a boundless exhibit of blends and assortments of these divine enjoyments. Notwithstanding, with the huge level of accessible choices comes the situation of finding the e-juice brands and flavors purchasing worth every dollar spent.

As any vaper knows, for each phenomenal e-juice that exists, there are twelve unpleasant ones. Endeavoring to filter through the unbounded exhibit of flavors individually would take a lifetime and a huge number of dollars to accomplish. Fortunately, Easy To Vape has done the ground work for you. Having been doing business since the simple start of the vaping upheaval, we have examined practically every USA-made e-juices available. Subsequently, our palates are well sharpened sharp, making us specialists at recognizing the awful, the great, and the stunning.


With this information close by, consistently we discharge a rundown of the most popular candy flavored e juices of 2018.

#1: Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum Vape Juice

This popular e juice comes from the house of Candy King Eliquids. The flavor is a blend of delicious watermelon and strawberry with the specific taste of genuine bubblegum. Candy King Eliquids has made yet another treat enlivened flavor that gives the sweet tooth precisely what it needs. Each breathe in of Stawberry Watermelon Bubblegum vape juice conveys an intense punch of sweet and somewhat tart strawberry season blended with the cool and reviving taste of genuine watermelon. On the breathe out, these unmistakable yet reciprocal flavors will sing in amicability, giving your sweet tooth add up to fulfillment.

#2: Yellow Taffy Juice

Yellow Wacky Taffy from the legendary manufacturer VGOD is an inebriating nectar dew melon mixed into a crisp bit of sweet and delicate chewy taffy treat that makes a stunning all day vape!

#3: Grape Drank

If you like grape soda then Grape Drank vape juice is without a doubt the perfect soda vape flavor for you. On the inhale, your taste buds will immediately cheer when the yummy grape season hits the tongue. The mix of brilliant fixings guarantees that you’ll be getting the essence of genuine grapes. When you exhale, sweet and syrupy soda will give your taste buds and sense of extraordinary fulfillment.

#4: Watermelon Punch

For Watermelon Punch vape juice, Juice Roll Upz mixed fresh watermelon flavor with the essence of sweet tropical organic product punch. The outcome is something that is both invigorating and satisfying to the sweet tooth. When you breathe in Watermelon Punch ejuice, a surge of sweet watermelon season keeps running down the tongue. When you breathe out, the tart and sugary kind of tropical natural product punch influences your mouth to water.

#5: Grape Ape Bubble Gum Vape Juice

In case you’re longing for ice cream parlor enjoyment of chewy, sugary grape bubble gum and somewhat tart, gigantically reviving grape goodness that keeps those nostalgic recollections going, you have to try this e juice by Bubble Gang. As you breathe in, the succulent grape will invigorate the sense of taste, particularly on a sweltering summer day. The sweetness and gentle pungency will influence your sense of taste to shiver with energy. As you breathe out, boldly sweet bubblegum season assumes control over the whole sense of taste.