Drink Flavor

Are you really eager to try out some incredible vape juice flavors? Then experience something different with drink flavored e juices. The drink flavored vape juices come in a wide range that include invigorating vape encounters like lemonades, soda pops, chilled beer, and slushies to rich and smooth milk and milkshakes. Why drink flavored are such a favorite among vapers? When you’re in a tired or tensed state of mind, then nothing can be better than a super cold slushie or an organic product punch with extinguishing flavors like Blue raspberry or watermelon punch. Possibly you’re hoping to unwind with some organic product juices like a fresh and juicy apple or cran-apple ejuice in the wake of a prolonged day.

A portion of our most loved flavors in life are drinks: the morning refreshments like espresso and tea, mochas and lattes; the throughout the day soda pops like colas, caffeinated beverages, and soft drinks; juices like lemonades and organic product drinks; and the grown-up drinks we share with loved ones: brew and wine, bourbon and julep.

Based on the demand of vapers and credibility of companies, we have come with the top 3 most popular drink flavor e juices of 2018, which are as follows:


Enjoy the nostalgic taste of a chilly root beer float with this essential flavor that brings back affectionate recollections. Appreciate virtuous and sans sugar liberality whenever of the day or night without worrying about increasing any additional pounds. With its strong, engaging and familiar flavor, it is anything but difficult to savor this unmistakable e-juice reminiscent of frigid vanilla frozen yogurt whirling in a glass of rich root beer. Get to the foundation of life’s secrets while breathing in this magnificent e-juice that changes a standard day into a phenomenal enterprise. The time of the day when the desire for root beer arrives, this flavor successfully fulfills your desire.


Frozen Strawberry Watermelon Refresher by Barista Brew Co. is an invigoratingly impressive vape juice mix of watermelon and strawberry with a cool impact of cold menthol. The breathe in is new ready watermelon cuts washed in the sweet squeeze of crisp strawberries. The breathe out lights up your sense of taste with the mixed flavors while a frosty cool menthol completes the vape for a crisp taste involvement. Each 60ml container accompanies a Limited version reusable warm warmth detecting espresso mug by Barista Brew Co.


Blue Crush Lemonade from EZO has gained immense popularity among vapers. It is created by the best blend experts to squash the opposition! Blue Crush Lemonade is for vapers who are looking for a stunning lemonade season that is definitely not customary. Including blueberry is a fine touch from the virtuosos at EZO to give unbelievable flavor all the way. Conveying a tasty blueberry on the breathe in and tart lemonade on the breathe out. With a VG and PG level of 70/30, Sucker Punch has been created to oblige both cloud chasers and flavor chasers of various types!

So, which drink flavor are you going to try first? Let us know about your favorite.