Recently, due to the increasing consciousness of people toward better health, the world has seen a trending demand for vaping as a means to deal with stopping smoking and that incalculable smokers have inclined toward vaping to bring an end to the propensity. In any case, many “could be” long haul losers keep running into two fundamental obstacles that could unavoidably lead them back to smoking: the wastefulness of shabby vape pens, and the crazy multifaceted nature that accompanies your advanced box mod.

It’s un-deniable fact that switching from the plain, ol’ cigarette and lighter to intricate electronic smoking devices, where you need to choose the e-liquid, clean the tank, choose the right wattage for the tank, change the coils, and study about ohm’s law; is really not everyone’s delight. Most vape pens come with numerous issues as well and inadequate knowledge to handle so many things can discourage many new vapers and make them go back to the unhealthy habit of tobacco smoking. The solution lies in finding the right vape device. In short, the POD systems.

POD System – What it is

POD or Ultra-portable systems come as a blend of simple vape pen and a box mod. The structure is like that of a cartomizer, yet with significantly more adaptability regarding e-juice limit and power. The basic distinction between the conventional cartomizer and a ultra-compact POD framework is that the POD frameworks are furnished with cartridges like JUUL Replacement Pods, that contain the coil, wick, and the e-juice– basically all that you require.

These compact frameworks are additionally more incredible. While a vape pen or cigalike battery tops out at around 180mAh, ultra-compact gadgets can achieve upwards of 300mAh. Maybe most amazingly, POD frameworks are genuinely shabby. For around thirty bucks, you can get gather up what’s viewed as a top of the line ultra-compact POD framework.

POD Systems – What are the Pros and Cons

Like any vaping approach, every device comes with its own advantages and downsides. For each situation, your decision ought to be dictated by your own one of a kind particular inclinations and that’s it. You should investigate the advantages and disadvantages of these ultra-compact vaporizers and perceive how they contrast with the normal gadget.


So for what reason may you need to attempt a POD system? What are the advantages of POD systems in contrast with a conventional vaping gadget? These are a couple of the most critical focuses:

  • Easu usability: The unique “POD” structure makes these systems extremely simple to use. The case basically fits in and all through the battery area and works simply like a cigarette. The most entangled thing you’ll need to do on this gadget is refill the case, yet this is extremely simple as well.
  • Compact design: POD systems are substantially smaller than most conventional vaping gadgets. There is some variety in the size of pod systems, however even the bigger ones are more minimized than most MODS available in the market. The pen-like ones are nearer in size to a cig-a-like.
  • Discreet: Vapors aren’t for everyone and they aren’t for each circumstance. In some cases you need something more circumspect to vape, and POD systems are ideal for those occasions. Regardless of whether you utilize mods at home, getting a POD system for vaping out of the house has unequivocal advantages.
  • Satisfying: Notwithstanding their size being more in accordance with cigalikes, pod systems are by and large considerably more fulfilling to vape. This is particularly valid in case you’re utilizing higher-strength e-juice or high quality nicotine salt choices. With a high-quality e-juice, you’ll see them as fulfilling as generally mods.
  • Affordable: The expense of a pod system comes in all ranges, each one for specific pockets. They’re less expensive than the vast majority of the available MODs, despite the fact that by and large a comparative cost to vape pens.


The only de-merits of pod systems are that it has limited flavor selection, smaller batter capacity, and small liquid capacity. However, you can charge the battery in less than 15 minutes and continue enjoy vaping.

You can find a wide range of POD systems from the leading manufacturers like Suorin, SMOK, MYLE, Voopoo, and Aspire. You can also opt for disposable pods like STIG. Whatever you choose, the vaping experience would definitely become much easier and affordable.